Our Services

Mobile Phones

Independent offerings from all the major networks plus our In House bespoke mobile phone offer means there’s always a package to suit your needs.


BBS has the right print solution for any size business. We have negotiated rates that are rarely beaten and our all-inclusive model means you only need the paper.

VoIP & Landline

An array of award winning products that can be built to fit your exacting needs. We have the right product for you to fit every budget.

Cloud Products

Digital products such as Office 365, MaaS360, Box and more mean you can use the latest digital products to ensure your business is benefiting from the latest technology.

Business Energy

BBS has the ability to compare prices with every major business energy supplier in the UK, meaning we always broker the best possible deal for you.


From an array of award winning products BBS has a solution to fit every business requirement. We have the right connectivity for you and to suit your needs and budget.

Mobile Phones

As an independent B2B mobile phone company we can connect you to any off the UK’s leading networks. If we can’t find the right package for you then BBS can connect you to its completely bespoke offering. We can even offer 3 networks on one SIM to always keep you connected wherever you may be in the UK.


Unlike the big Networks and many of our competitors we can offer you a single bill across O2, Vodafone and 3 so you can tailor your business users to suit the coverage they need and reduce the administration for you.


Our approach to winning your business is by analysing your existing usage and understanding how you use your mobiles now and in the future. It’s by understanding all this that then enables us to provide you with a package that completely suits your requirements.


Want the very latest handsets? We have a range of handset options and tariffs available, including SIM free, together with extended warranty and 24 hour swap out options you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

Landline & VoIP

BBS leads the way with a market leading VoIP product, offering a fully managed and assured service that is completely overseen by our VoIP team. We also offer traditional analogue and ISDN lines and only use core suppliers to ensure absolute reliability and that offer the best possible savings.


Our VoIP solutions offers the very latest features such as Call Recording, Hunt Groups, Auto Attendant and so much more. This cutting edge technology is simple, cost effective and incredibly reliable. With VoIP you get so much more from reliability, the latest features & benefits often for no additional charge and more often than not, it’s for less than your paying now.


Over 90% of our customers enjoy free of charge handsets and equipment with a life time warranty as well as 2000 minutes to UK Local and National landline numbers and 2000 minutes to UK Mobiles per handset. No more leasing or purchasing expensive kit and no more costly maintenance contracts – turn your capital expenditure into a more manageable monthly operating expense and get the very latest kit.

Business Energy

BBS can compare prices with every major business supplier within the UK meaning we always broker you the best deal possible.


We have access to compare your rates for electricity & gas against all the major suppliers including green energy providers for your Eco credentials. We will send you a quote outlining what all the major suppliers are offering and it’s our job to broker you the very best deal possible.


You may want a short term deal or to fix your rates for 5 years and we will show you all the options available to best suit your needs. With our unique relationships with our energy suppliers BBS can lock your rates in now even if you are still in contract. This means we secure the best deal for you in the future to ensure you continue to save or pay less in the world of rising energy prices and secure the costs of running your business.


BBS is a supplier of all major photocopier companies such as Toshiba and Ricoh and offers a lease price that’s incredibly competitive and rarely beaten. This will include all servicing for the entire lease and all toner replacements.


We manage this so you can manage your business – all you have to do is worry about the paper!
We can offer short term rentals and help new start up business’s who will always experience credit score issues. However, if you’re a larger business and you run a fleet of machines we’ll understand your usage to ensure we beat your current print rate.


We’ll also take the opportunity to understand how your machines are used and get the right machine to fit you and your business. We offer green energy efficient printers or can accommodate high volume printing or anything in between. We’ll match the machine to your exacting needs.

Cloud Digital Products

BBS is a Microsoft digital re-seller and offers the outstanding Office 365 offering our clients the market leading e-mail, document and spreadsheet cloud based solutions. Enjoy the very latest versions of this software and depending on subscription you are able to install these on up to 5 devices per person so your business works anywhere.


We also offer the BOX for Business cloud storage solution which is truly market leading and remove the need for expensive on site servers and maintenance. Another product seeing huge growth is MaaS360 offering remote access control for your Mobile devices meaning you control the mobile phone device even if it’s not in your hand. Control what your users can and can’t do and add security to your business data.


Cloud products are experiencing huge growth due to the constant feature updates that run over the cloud.  This means you’re always using the latest products with no new installs required, plus you get the added security that your data is always backed up safely and securely.


From basic ADSL to superfast Fibre broadband we offer a range of solutions for your business. We also offer a fully managed Ethernet Leased Line solution where your line is monitored constantly to watch for issues and deal with them in a timely manner with appropriate SLA’s to ensure you have the least disruption possible.


We have what any business requires to ensure connectivity. We lead the way in the most competitive pricing for all solutions including when it comes to the more bespoke Ethernet Leased Lines. Our products don’t just lead the way on price but also on the speed of connectivity and reliability.


Our provisioning team will oversee all aspects of the installation of your services which at times can be very complex and need fully managing along the way.