How We Work

The Sales Team

Our Sales Team is split into 2 teams of Outbound and In House. Both teams work to the same ethos ensuring you understand what you are being sold and that it perfectly matches your requirements.

The Provisioning Team

Once we start processing your order you’ll move to our Provisioning Team. This process is all about a smooth transition to Bluetone Business Solutions and you’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way.

The Customer Service Team

Our Customer Service Team will help with any issues or changes you need. You can call our Freephone number or email live into our bespoke ticketing system where this will be automatically picked up and dealt with.

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Our Sales Team

Our Sales Teams work to the BBS ethos of honesty and integrity and we ensure they are fully trained in all areas so they are able to recommend the right products that suit your needs. We ensure regular training takes place to keep them up to date with an ever changing array of products in our fast moving industry.


Our preferred method when dealing with a client for the first time is to meet face to face and really understand what’s important to you and what you want from us. We always want historical billing data as this gives the clearest pattern of your usage and enables us to recommend the right package with the confidence that it’s right the first time of asking.


Once you have joined BBS you will be moved to our In House Team who specialise in maintaining and guiding you throughout your contract term. They’re there to support you with any future products to meet your changing needs or any assistance you may require. If required we will always come out and see you on a regular basis to discuss your account in detail.

Our Provisioning Team

The Provisioning Team step in once we receive an order. The way in which this team operates varies between the products purchased but they will over see all aspects of your transfer. With more complex orders they will ask for an on-boarding meeting to enable them to understand your times frames and what’s important to you. They will clearly outline the time line of events and agree this with you.


This is what they do day in day out. They specialise very successfully in bringing you across from a different mobile network, landline supplier,  copier or energy company. At times this can be challenging but as we have people who understand these challenges day in day out they overcome them with the least disruption possible.


We see this as your first test of us and we want to ensure that you feel that it’s moving as expected, you understand all that’s happening and we are meeting the standards you would expect from a new supplier.

The Customer Services Team

Once you are live and the transfers or setups have been achieved you will now be supported by the fully trained Customer Service team . Their role is to support you with absolutely anything you need from us whether it’s a simple mobile SIM change to a complex bill review they will not shirk from their responsibility of ensuring we deliver an unrivalled customer care experience.


BBS is committed to be a market leader in customer care and has invested heavily in Salesforce, the market leading CRM, coupled with a bespoke ticketing system. This allows our clients to email straight in to the support team who will pick your request up, allocate to the appropriate adviser and ensure this is dealt with in a timely manner. As a business we report regularly on what’s happening and review our stats to ensure we are consistently meeting our own high standards.


BBS continues to improve the way in which we manage your account and we’re committed to investing more money and time to ensure you, our customer, enjoy only a positive experience. We genuinely work to the ethos of always going the extra mile.