How do I activate my SIM?

The easiest way to activate your SIM is to email help@bluetoneltd.co.uk. This goes automatically into our Customer Service ticketing system and will be dealt with promptly. Alternatively you can call us on Freephone 0800 4704707 and choose Option 1, and this will take you through to Customer Services Team who will be more than happy to take your request.

My emails are not working on my handset?

Turn off any WiFi connection and see if you can open web pages on your device over the Mobile network (3G or 4G). If you can open a site then the problem will be with your email set up so please check your user settings with your IT company or your ISP. Any further issues then email help@bluetoneltd.co.uk or call Freephone 0800 4704707.

Who's my mobile phone Account Manager?

At BBS we operate two teams of mobile sales we have In-House Account Management and then Out-Bound. As a general rule once you have signed with BBS you will be moved from Out-Bound to In-House and this team will proactively manage you. If you’re in doubt or have any questions then call us on Freephone 0800 4704707.

Will my phone work when abroad?

We would always suggest calling us a few days before you set off and we will check the lines are clear of any bars and advise you of the cheapest way to use your phone abroad. Call us on Freephone 0800 4704707 for any assistance with this.

I can't make calls or use my data?

Please restart the device & where possible remove the battery for a couple of minutes and then replace before restarting.
On iPhone devices, go into the Settings and switch on Airplane Mode for a few seconds and then switch Airplane Mode off again. If this doesn’t work then go into Settings, General, scroll down to Reset and select Reset Network Settings only.

On Android devices, pull the shutter down from the top of the screen and switch on the Airplane Mode for few seconds and then switch off again. If this doesn’t work then go into Settings and then More in the Wireless and Networks section and select Mobile Networks. Select your mobile provider in the ‘Available Networks’ section and then exit back. Go into the the Access Point Names and make sure you are connected to the right APN for your contract.
If neither of these works then try the SIM card in another handset where possible – if you then have signal it is most likely to be the handset that is at fault. Please contact us to discuss the warranty options; you can either email straight into the Customer Services ticketing system on help@bluetoneltd.co.uk or call Freephone 0800 4704707 (Option 1) and Customer Services will be more than happy to help.

How long is my contract?

We only use E-Contracts so you will have an email copy of the agreement but don’t worry if you don’t as we will. Just email help@bluetoneltd.co.uk and they will send it to you.

Can I transfer my contract to someone else?

In short ‘Yes’ you can. We would need to credit check the new user as it would be credit applicable and they would have to sign to agree to the existing contract term. We also would need the new users details to process the request as some networks require a lot of information and proofs.

How do I know if my phones in warranty?

Most handsets with the exception of iPhone and hard to source handsets are supplied with a 24-month warranty with a next working day exchange for faults as a result of a manufacturers defect.

iPhones are supplied with the standard 12-month Apple warranty and any faults or servicing needs during this time are directed to your nearest Apple Store, who will be able to diagnose and rectify or advise on a suitable resolution if you have any questions then call us for more help on Freephone 0800 4704707

Do you still have questions? Then why not ask us directly!