Kill Covid-19 in Seconds with our UK Manufactured UV Wand

Bluetone UV want to kill Coronavirus

Kill Covid-19 in Seconds with our UK Manufactured UV Wand

Bluetone have teamed up with a UK expert in UV light technology to offer a handheld UV device to help sanitise the the workplace and equipment from Covid-19.  The device is manufactured in the UK and the precise technology is known as “UVGI – Ultraviolet Germ Irradiation.

This is not a new technology and has been used to disinfect hospitals, dentists and public transport for years.  However, the technology has always been bulky and expensive.  Our wand has been produced by one of the UK’s leading scientific manufacturers, who have developed their UV technology for sanitising dental surgeries for use in the wider workplace and beyond.

The wand comes with full safety instructions and a disclaimer in the packaging.

A recent article from 3rd June, 2020 in The Mail Online states that these devices will soon be as common as mobile phones:

Handheld UV light devices that can kill Covid-19 “may soon be as common as mobile phones” as scientists say the rays can “inactivate most viruses very efficiently”.

Some further points to consider:

 Starting at £50 for our basic model

 2 further sizes up available

 Surfaces cleaned with seconds

 100% effective against all viruses & bacterium

√ Safety gyro only activates when ground facing

 Conforms to all UK safety standards

 Light performs within all the right spectrums

√ No annual maintenance or service agreements

 Lasts up to 20 000 hours

√ Cleans everyday objects such as keys, phones, computers, stationery, public toilets, prams, cots, hotel rooms, cash points & takeaways

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